Kubo Yoshihiro Swordsmith

A Japanese sword is defined as a sword made through a unique manufacturing process that has been painstakingly handed down since ancient times in Japan. They are also known overseas as Nihonto or Katana. The origin of the Japanese sword dates back to the end of the Heian period (794-1185). Since this time, the manufacturing process has been passed down from master to apprentice. While the Japanese sword was originally a weapon that was said to "not break, nor bend, and has an exceptional cutting edge," its beautiful shape, hada, and blade pattern have made it a traditional craft with artistic value that is truly unique in the world of bladed weapons. It is truly the pinnacle of beauty and practicality. Today, these blades continue to attract many people as a medium for fine art and are collected in many countries around the world.

As the first shop in Japan to specialize in swords made by modern swordsmiths, Gallery Tozando exhibits and sells the highest class of modern Japanese swords. These are the finest artistic swords made by both up-and-coming and world-renowned swordsmiths of the All Japan Swordsmith Association. They are works of art that will be handed down for not only decades or centuries but for millennia to come. You can become the first owner of one of these newly made pieces.

The 25th Fujiwara Kanefusa Swordsmith
All Japan Swordsmith Association Certificate

All of the swords on display and for sale at Gallery Tozando have been carefully selected and endorsed by the All Japan Swordsmith Association, and are issued official certificates by the association.

Of course, you can also opt to have a bespoke sword made just to your specifications by these master swordsmiths. The best part of making a modern, fine-art Japanese sword is that your name will remain attached to the sword for posterity as the first of its custodians.

Replica of Sanchomo made by Ohno Yoshimitsu Swordsmith
Gallery Tozando 2nd floor showroom

We invite you to hold a modern fine-art sword in your hands and experience the incomparable and exquisite beauty for yourself.

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