Blade Length: 72.8 cm, Curvature: 1.7 cm

Signature: Nisshu Kunimasa(front), Heisei Nijugo-nen Gogatsu Kichijitu(back)

This is a relatively short katana among Kunimasa's works. The dynamic hada and the hamon of midare, which reminds us of big waves, mixed with gnome and choji, are very splendid. It is a gem of both beauty and practicality. The koshirae is based on the Musashi make, which is said to have been invented by Musashi Miyamoto. The tsuba is made of musashi tsuba, and the handle is made of lacquered leather cord. It is also equipped with an iron Kojiri, making it a practical style.

日本刀 刀 (銘)日州國正之
武蔵拵 日州國正之