Blade length: 30.5 cm, Curvature: 0.4 cm

Signature: Kozaemon Yukihira

Koshirae: Shu-urushi nuri Kizami Saya Dashizame Aikuchi Koshirae

This piece is a short wakizashi, wide and graceful, in the style unique to Yukihira swordsmiths, like kanmuri otoshi. The Jigane is very well forged and has a fine sae. The hamon is bright and brilliant notare, and the nie particles are well aligned. This work is truly a masterpiece of graceful workmanship that can only be described as a Yukihira swordsmith's masterpiece.

The exterior is a typical kowaki-zashi (small wakizashi) with a Shuro lacquere with dashizame. The shape of the scabbard, the careful carving, and the handle are well balanced and carefully crafted.

日本刀 脇指 銘 宮入小左衛門行平