Blade Length: 24.8 cm, Curvature: 0.3 cm

Signature: Bingo no Kuni Yoshihiro Saku

This tanto is a work that is conscious of the short sword of Kagemitsu, a master craftsman of Bizen Osafune, to whom Master Kubo aspires. Kagemitsu's unique hamon, kataochi-gnome, is neatly applied to the small, packed hada. The "utsuri" (the shadow of the hamon), which is said to be the most distinctive feature of Kagemitsu and which was said to be impossible to reproduce, has been beautifully reproduced. The arrangement includes Dashizame, Maru-kojiri, kuroro-nuri scabbard, and kaerizuno, a typical style known as Denchu-zashi in the Edo period. On the back of the scabbard is a small sword known as a kozuka.

日本刀 短刀 (銘)備後國善博作
善博作短刀拵 殿中差し