Blade length: 26.1 cm, Curvature: 1.0 cm

Signature: Mikami Sadanao Korewo Tsukuru(front), Heisei Nijugo-nen Nigatsu Kichijitsu(back)

This blade is made of itame hada with fine chikei, and hamon with a mix of notare and midare, with gunome mixed in some places. The nioikuchi is very elegant with nie. The exterior features a sheath lacquered with a sprinkling of gold leaf and fitted with one-of-a-kind metal fittings decorated with gourds and pawns. These are all masterpieces produced by his local Hiroshima Prefecture artist and produced by Sadanao swordsmith himself. This tanto has a new world view not found in old works.

日本刀 短刀 (銘)貞直作
貞直 金箔散変塗鞘出鮫瓢箪駒図一作金具合口